I started my coaching career in 2013 at the Boys and Girls Club in West Fresno where a coached boys age 11-13. At the Boys and Girls Club it was frustrating to coach because the kids barely showed up. Most of the time, I had only about 4 team members show. So we did not do a lot of full court or 5 v 5 scrimmage, however, when it was time for games, that was when the whole team was present, yet we couldn't implement anything from practice because of the few that were present. That experience I believe was for the boys to have a place to belong and have fun.

 I coached elementary basketball in Fresno, California for Harvest. There, we went 3-3 by the inconvenience of a 6th grade trade trip where our starting 5 missed one particular game. I believe we could have won the championship that year. Our team strengths were our full court press, fast-break, and low post offense. We would practice 3 times a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Practices were intense, for the first 15 minutes we would stretch and warm-up. I was a disciplinarian when it came to following directions and listening. Punishments included: squats, suicides and push-ups. After warming up we would then perform drills. The drills ranged from what our team needed practice the most such as, triple-threat, dribbling, passing, defense, rebounding, and transition defense and offense. Drills we seldom or never performed were, shooting, and free-throw. We would practice those with the time we had before games. Overall, my players had a blast playing for me and were looking forward to me coaching again next year. Even the 6th graders wanted me to follow them to their middle school.

I also taught a basketball class at CESA (Central Enrichment Summer Adventures)  2014 at Central East High School ( boys and girls age (11-13). The class was ranged from no skill to very skilled kids. I made dribble, lay-up, defense, passing, and rebounding drills for the unskilled students to learn the fundamentals. For the skilled students, I arranged full court games and drills to fuel their competitive desires. That summer I gained the experience of coaching girls too. The difference I learned between coaching the two is one, physicality, two, attitude, and three communication. Though very small differences, I feel I can transition smoothly form coaching both.

In the Spring of 2017, I assistant coach for Bellflower Buccaneers JV Basketball. This started as a volunteer experience where I received full coaching responsibility of the JV team.

Fall 2017, I volunteered my time coaching a youth Bantam Team at the Westwood Recreation center. This team was composed of 7-8 year old kids. This team focused on defensive rotations in the 2-3, where majority of players are now starting players for their current youth leagues. 

This year, I have been focusing my time on the private training of the 20+ youth I see during a monthly basis. With my coaching, youth not only learn the game of basketball, but they also learn other social skills such as; self esteem, leadership, maturity, accountability, responsibility, communication, respect, work ethic, and self awareness. After spending a month with me, you'll see the your confidence in life increase!





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  • Medicine Balls

  • Pop-Up Defenders

  • Agility Ladders

  • Weighted Vest

  • Hurdles

  • Jump Ropes

  • Blocking Pads

  • Cones

  • Custom Obstacle Course

  • Resistance Bands

  • Free Weights

  • Balance Pads